Some of my favorite things...

My first love is country decorating
followed by
vintage goods made new again...make-dos
I love to go to antique shops
and thrift stores to see
at I may find...


Welcome to my little spot in the world...
My name is Tonja and I love to make crafts and find vintage
things to bring to new life again
I love vintage,country and old fashioned farmhouse and primitive decor...



Monday, October 26, 2009

Remembering my sister.....

5 years ago today my sister was taken from us so
needlessly...we are happy that the trial came out the way it did though the guy that murdered her got life...we are so glad that he will never be able
to kill anyone else...we love you Karen and miss you so very much....
Still trying to get over all the pain from the car wreck we was in last Wed. night when the private
ambulance ran a red light and hit us...
Have a great day...
~*Prim Blessings*~


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Glad the trial worked out to your advantage and justice for your sister. Hope you feel better!

Liane said...

I'm praying for God's comfort upon you today both physically and emotionally - continue to rest and get better soon!

~Tonja~ said...

Thank you so very much...

Amy said...

Never easy to lose a loved one...especially the way you did. I hope you and your family find peace. Sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you're mending.

TiffanyJane said...

Tonja...I have such a heavy heart reading about your sister, I can't even imagine. I am so sorry you and your family would have to endure such pain. Glad the trial came out like it did {although I can think of something else he deserves more!}
Hope too, any injuries, pain and frazzled ends that come with a wreck are much better for yall at this point.
Much peace and Blessings to yall in the New Year~


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