Some of my favorite things...

My first love is country decorating
followed by
vintage goods made new again...make-dos
I love to go to antique shops
and thrift stores to see
at I may find...


Welcome to my little spot in the world...
My name is Tonja and I love to make crafts and find vintage
things to bring to new life again
I love vintage,country and old fashioned farmhouse and primitive decor...



Monday, April 13, 2009

I Won...

Good day everyone I hope everyone had a very Blessed Easter...and yes I won a prim giveaway and it was in my mail
box today....just look it is a prim
jar it is so cute...Photobucket
It came from Liz at Lizzes Homespun...and she is such a
sweetie she also sent me a
couple of tarts and oh do they
smell so good...if you get a chance
go visit her you can click on the
picture and it will take you to her
blog...Thank you Liz...
~*Prim Blessings*~


OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Tonja...lucky you! Can I borrow that horseshoe you have in your back pocket! LOL Love those prim jars! Started working on a few, myself! Have a great week! ~~Annie

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Thanks Annie well you sure I hope you have a great week too...
Prim Blessings...

Karen said...

Hi Tonja, what a great prize....I just checked out her website.
Thanks for sharing.


The Whites said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! That's a great little jar you won.

You've got some great links posted here!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Love the jar!! Congratulations on winning!!! Enjoy your day!

Woods Olde Homestead said...

Thanks everyone...this is why I don't get anything done I keep finding all kinds of great blogs
and thank each of you for stopping by
and leaving me a comment....
hope each of you have a great day...
Prim Blessings...

Paula said...

Congrats Tonja..Thanks for the site I checked it out..cute...Ok I have to go clean something. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya thank you for following both blogs I have been sooo busy with my blogs and other places I belong to I am JUST getting to your blog *sigh* I know bad me haa haa I do have to ask where do you find those giveaways I LOVE all the stuff I don't want to miss out on them lol...MAYBE now That I follow you hee hee GOSH I feel bad...I LOVE your blog BTW....very cool...I am redoing my living room in Country...well going to try lol...My mother in law paints and she painted me an AWESOME picture I am going to get a picture of it and post it ...she painted me Manatees as well since i am IN LOVE with them~! I also LOVE birds Cardnial being my number 1 favorite i love them~! Hawks and Owls tie and then all other birds :)...anywho sorry to talk your ear off I guess you could say I was catching up :)


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