Some of my favorite things...

My first love is country decorating
followed by
vintage goods made new again...make-dos
I love to go to antique shops
and thrift stores to see
at I may find...


Welcome to my little spot in the world...
My name is Tonja and I love to make crafts and find vintage
things to bring to new life again
I love vintage,country and old fashioned farmhouse and primitive decor...



Monday, March 23, 2009

Good morning blog friends...
I have to say I am very proud
of myself today cause I quit
smoking yesterday...yep I sure
did....I decided the other day
when we stopped at the station
and it cost me $31.00 for 5 packs
that it was time to with
my DH and I both smoking this was almost a daily cost for us...
Now if I can get my DH to quit...he
has cut back a lot for him he would
smoke 3-4 packs a day...and he went to 1-1 1/2 a day...

Just think what all I can do with
that extra money each month...
well it won't be since
DH is on disability but it might
make it easier to pay the bills
each month...
Prim Blessings....


The Brickhouse said...

Tonja, Proud of you! Stay CAN do it! Have a great smokefree day!

Liane said...

Hi, Tonya,
I just popped in to visit. Glad to meet you. I want to wish you success, health and prosperity in your quitting smoking. I work with someone who smokes and she struggles to quit, so I know it must not be easy. I hope that your husband will see your success and be inspired by you.
Blessing to you!


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